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Nature Days

We love national nature days - they highlight many important things that we often take for granted and are relevant right here around Bartley Reservoir. This quarter we look at National Tree Week and World Wetlands Day!

National Tree Week 26th November to 4th December:

‘Trees and hedgerows are some of the most powerful tools we have in the fight against climate change. And the good news is that we can all make a difference by planting a tree! Whether you plant a tree in a pot on your doorstep, a hedge in your garden or a community event at a local park; every tree will help us grow a greener future together.’


At Friends of Bartley Reservoir we want to plant more trees in the area to increase the bio-diversity and improve the overall aesthetics. In the short term we want to plant 3 trees;  one

to Celebrate  the Queen's Jubilee and commemorate her life,

another to celebrate the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, and the third to mark the coronation of King Charles. These trees will also replace 3 smaller trees that have had to be cut down as they were obstructing  pathways and entrances. We have collected some donations from Jubilee celebrations from Clent View Residents - a huge thank you to them! If you feel able to donate even just a small amount towards this, it would be greatly appreciated.

For the mid to longer tern of course, we have a Community Orchard Project in the making, and it is our desire to plant an avenue of tree's down the right hand side of Scotland Lane from Bromwich Wood to Frankley Lane, and to reinstate the oak tree population numbers from Bromwich Wood, lost to the reservoir's creation. For more on The Tree Council's National Tree Week click here

Winter solstice Wednesday 21st December

Winter solstice is the time when we have the shortest period of daylight and the longest night of the year, but most importantly it marks the start of lengthening days, and the steady march towards spring and summer - taking us back to warmer times and longer days!

Why not celebrate this day with a ramble around our lovely reservoir and watch the sun rise at 8.15am. Do you know which way to look to see the sun will rise?

World Wetlands Day Thursday 2nd February 2023

‘Wetlands Day is observed on February 2 to recognize and celebrate the importance of wetlands to the world, and the diversity of life that they support. Wetlands can be a very small or a very large area where the land is saturated with water throughout the year. Wetlands are one of the most misunderstood ecosystems. They have a lot of biodiversity, and large numbers of animals, plants, and birds live there. They are also very beneficial, preventing soil erosion and offering protection against flooding, among others.’

Around the reservoir we have a number of mini wetlands. The first is situated in the farmers field running alongside Scotland Lane near to the Frankley Lane junction end. You can often see birds, including birds of prey, resting here looking for food. There is a also wet land on the Frankley Lane bend heading towards Merritt's Hill - a mini mini wetland so to speak but noteworthy is the council's ecological records along with the hedgerows there which are sited as a Site of Local Interest to Nature Conservation. For more information on wetlands click here.

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