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Volunteering and Training Focus

Welcome to our volunteering and training opportunities section. Opportunities given to members first, that are in addition to the usual litter picks, pathway clearing, and woodland management groups, before being offered more widely. 

Many thanks to Kath, Cheryl, Kim, Mick, Stacey, Jo, Portland, and Eleanor for putting themselves forward to help with our Celebrating Communities events for which our £15,000 of funding for signposts and benches depended. We now need people to come forward for brush-cutting duties and recording public rights go way evidence - one practice and hands-on, and the other more desk-based. If you are able to help or would like further information on any of the opportunities available, let Kevin know directly or email FOBR at

Public Rights of Way (PROW):

We are keen to protect traditional public rights of way that are at risk of being obstructed and thus falling into disuse and lost to walkers. This means we have to provide evidence that these PROW, as indicated on maps, have been in use over the years. To do this, we have simply been asking walkers around the reservoir if they have ever used these paths. Quite a few people have come forward so far and shared details of when and how they have used these paths and for how long. The information has to be collected and the evidence transferred onto an A4 evidence form.  Can you help us here? You can go at your own pace, you must have access to email and know how to attach documents, and you may need to talk to someone over the phone to collect the information more directly.  On occasion, you may need to take forms to people for signature and collect them (or at least know someone who is willing to on your behalf)! 


The last piece in our reservoir maintenance program - we need 3 volunteers to undertake the maintenance of the reservoir's pathways on Severn Trent land. This will require training, which will include Brush-cutter training and First Aid (although we sincerely hope you won’t need it!) across 1.5 days. We'd hope for a commitment of 8-12 hours per year for those putting themselves forward, as well as a commitment to following health and safety guidance. There is scope for individuals to be able to use their newly acquired skills and equipment for other organisations they may volunteer for also. So, do you enjoy being active and outdoors? Want to learn something new? Then put yourself forward. There is no age restriction. Once we have the people, we will make the application for funding.  First come first serve basis. 

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