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Group Development: defining our area of interest. 

At Friends of Bartley Reservoir, we often talk about ‘the reservoir’s surrounding green spaces’ but what area are we talking about? Where are the boundaries of our interests? Well, the committee decided it would be a good idea to define the area of interest, so everyone knows what we are referring to, and have agreed to the outline on the map above. Our interests do not strictly stop at this boundary, as we take a broader view when thinking of access to and enjoyment of the reservoir, with Public Rights of Way and Frankley Beeches Viewpoint being the exceptions.

You will notice that not all the identified area is publicly accessible, but we see these areas as important to our interests due to their heritage and/or nature, which contributes to the reservoir as a whole. Frankley Reservoir and Cutler’s Rough woods, for example, are inside the treatment works. Our group’s objectives to protect and enhance the habitats and biodiversity of the area also means that we are motivated to improve areas even if the public cannot access them. 

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