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About Us

Friends of Bartley Reservoir was created in March 2021 with the aim of confirming a legal and safe circular route around the reservoir's perimeter for residents to enjoy. Early on in our journey we realised that the circular route needed to be off road, accessible to all, and to take in all the great local heritage.

As we learnt more about the reservoir we fell in love with all the great things it has to offer, and vowed to bring residents and organisations on the reservoir together in a grand vision that would leave a legacy for ourselves and for future generations to enjoy. 


Our Vision

Bartley Reservoir, and Frankley Reservoir, are the end point of an incredible journey of water and Victorian engineering that starts in the Welsh Elan Valley; an outstanding place of natural beauty made even more so by the dams and reservoirs created there. We feel strongly that the area surrounding the water's end point here in Bartley Green should reflect the same natural beauty and stewardship as the Elan Valley. 


Land ownership and multiple council departmental responsibilities around Bartley Reservoir make it  complicated and forms a big part of the reason it has been unmaintained to a large degree, under-invested in, inaccessible, and disjointed as a space. However, Friends of Bartley Reservoir have a vision of the reservoir's surrounding spaces as one cohesive, joined-up, publicly accessible space for all to enjoy. It is important to us that it is utilised by all, valued by all, cared for by all, and easily connects people to their environment and heritage.

Our vision also focuses on the environment, habitat development, and increasing bio-diversity in the area to previous levels lost to the reservoir's creation and nearby ponds being filled in. As our group grows and goes from strength to strength we will work with all parties to make this vision a reality. 

Meet The Committee

Our Constitutional Objectives

  • To secure a safe, accessible, pedestrian route around the reservoir for all residents, that takes in key points of interest.

  • To promote Bartley Reservoir and its green spaces as vital to the health and well-being of residents.

  • To promote Bartley Reservoir and its green spaces as intergenerational spaces, and a valuable resource to be enjoyed by all the local community.  

  • To enhance and preserve the aesthetics of the area, and to promote and conserve its natural beauty, biodiversity, and historic heritage.

  • To actively promote community participation in the objectives of the group, and to encourage the community to invest in the ongoing maintenance and care of Bartley Reservoir and its green spaces. 

  • To promote art, being active, sport, and craft, for the benefit of Bartley Reservoir’s green spaces, for the residents, and other site users.

  • To be open to everyone with an interest in Bartley Reservoir and its green spaces, bringing together the whole community to be a voice for the site.​​

  • To encourage landowners and organisations around the reservoir to affiliate with the organisation to achieve the objectives to everyone’s benefit.​​

  • To be a non-political, non-religious, and not-for-profit organisation.

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