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Find the best Views

Bartley Reservoir sits naturally in a valley and so there are plenty of points to get the best views; whether that's up high such as at Frankley Beeches, or just somewhere that offers a green spot to look out over the water. You can park up and enjoy, or take a walk to see all the best spots whilst getting some fresh air and exercise. 


Pull up in your car and look out over the reservoir towards Frankley Beeches from Scotland Lane, or walk to the Picnic Area to enjoy. 


Walking the higher pathway alongside the reservoir at Bartley Meadows. 


View over Bartley and Frankley Reservoirs out towards the City, from Frankley Beeches. Park up or walk there via Public Footpath from the church. 


Looking out over the dam wall along Genners Lane.


Views towards the city walking along Scotland Lane towards Frankley Lane.


Sitting on the benches at Bartley Sailing Club with Genners Farm Field on the other side. 


Looking out across the reservoir towards Frankley Beeches at Genners Lane viewing platform.

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