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Both Bartley and Frankley Reservoirs have great public footpaths, but most people don't even know you can walk around the perimeter fence, let along know about the other footpaths! Walking is one of the easiest, simplest, cheapest, and healthiest things you can do for yourself, so pick one of our routes via the link to finally explore the countryside on the edge of the city right on your doorstep. 


Walking over the dam that is Genners Lane, looking out over the reservoir towards Frankley Beeches.


Walking the Public Footpaths in Genners Farm Field looking towards the Sailing Club on the other side. 


Public Footpath over the stile into Genners Farm Field.


Walking through Bartley Meadows between the Sailing Club and Picnic Area on Scotland Lane.


Trails along farm land around the perimeter  fence. 


The Public Footpath 

through the hollow, from St Leonard' Church up to Frankley Beeches. 


Walking along the hedge line Parallel to Bartley Crescent, Ley Hill.


Views of Frankley Reservoir as you walk the Public Footpaths around.

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