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Celebrating Communities:
Benches & Signposts
Talking Benches & Walking Tour

Celebrating Communities was Birmingham City Council's project to allow communities to benefit from the Commonwealth Games coming to Birmingham. Bartley Green Ward was allocated  £35,000 to be awarded to community groups in the ward who made applications. Friends of Bartley Reservoir made two bids; the first for £5,000 to purchase benches x 5 to be installed along Bartley Meadows, and the second for £10,000 for signposts x 5 to be installed at key points around the reservoir to direct people to explore their local heritage. We were successful in both thanks to there being plenty of funds remaining even after everyone who made an application were awarded funds.

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Talking Benches

The 'talking benches' project had two parts; the first to purchase and install 5 benches along Bartley Meadows, and the second to hold an event 'talking benches'; celebrating the benches and the Commonwealth Games. 5 benches, 5 topics, 5 conversations about the Commonwealth Games. Click here to watch the videos. 

Walking Tour

The 'walking tour' project also had two parts. The first was to purchase and install 5 fingerposts at key locations around the reservoir, and the second was to hold a 'walking tour', guiding people around the reservoir, stopping at each fingerpost to deliver information on the history of each area, and to share information on the Commonwealth Games.  Click here to see the information shared. 

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