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Signposts & Walking Tour

The purpose of holding a short walk like the one held in September 2022, was to support local people to explore the reservoir beyond the picnic area, be more active, and learn about the accessible natural heritage on their own doorstep. The signposts also support our vision as a group of a more connected, cohesive community space, and to encourage people to explore the area independently.


Bartley Meadows and Flora of the Commonwealth

Here we discuss the history of Bartley Meadows and the different fauna you can find there. There is a second segment where you can guess the Commonwealth country's flag and it's corresponding national flower. Click here to explore. 

The Reservoir and Watersports of the Commonwealth

Learn about the history of the reservoir area, and important dates that made the area what it is today. There is a second segment that explores watersports at the Commonwealth Games. Click here to explore. 

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Bromwich Wood, Kitwell Playing Field, and Field Sports of the Commonwealth

Here, you can learn about the history of Bromwich Wood and Kitwell Playing Field, whilst there's a second segment where you can guess the Commonwealth Country's flag and it's corresponding field sport.  Click here to explore. 

St Leonard's and Religions of the Commonwealth

The  age and history of St Leonard's Church is fascinating as much as it is beautiful. Alongside this learn about the different religions of the Commonwealth. Click here to explore.

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