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Things To Do Around the Reservoir

As long as you enjoy nature and being active you will find something around Bartley Reservoir to pass the time; whether it's picking a spot to enjoy a picnic over looking the reservoir, walking or running one of the circular routes, or doing a field sport like rounders or football. Take a look below for some ideas on how to enjoy and explore the reservoir and it's surrounding green spaces.  



Bartley Reservoir sits in a natural valley which means there are plenty of spots to get good views out over the reservoir and across the countryside. Whether views from upon high that are more challenging to get to, or low down at water level, you'll find a spot to enjoy. 



Bartley Reservoir's surrounding green spaces are largely natural spaces with little infrastructure, but if you are looking for a play area there are two very nearby for children to enjoy. Both have football/basketball courts, with seating available also.  



Heritage can mean different things to different people but we're sure you'll find something her to add a bit of focus to your explorations. Check out the 'heritage' section also and explore the heritage of the reservoir and its surrounding green spaces.

Playing Field.jpg


There is so many sporting opportunities around the reservoir for everyone to engage in and enjoy. Whether it's a game of rounders on the playing field, hiring out a squash court at Newman University, or learning to windsurf on the reservoir.



Walking is one of the easiest, simplest, and cheapest things you can do, and it's good for or health too! There are so many great walking routes around the reservoir for you to explore that allow you to access fields and woods you likely thought were not permitted.



There are plenty of opportunities to engage with nature all year around, but be sure not to miss out on seasonal delights such as the Bluebells of Bromwich Wood, or the Meadows which have some of the greatest floral diversity in Birmingham.

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