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Becoming a Member


All you need to do to be eligible to be a Member of Friends of Bartley Reservoir is

to contribute on three separate 
occasions. You will then be invited to join.


If you decide to accept our invitation to become a Member we will need your name, address, contact 
details, and your permission to securely store you information for one year. 


In order to maintain your Membership, you just need to contribute on three separate occasions each year and accept our invite for renewal. 

Just contribute on three separate occasions to become a Member of Friends of Bartley Reservoir. A 'contribution' is supporting the group in some way, such as by designing leaflets, printing them offer, or leafletting an area. You might help with social media or hand out the coffees when we take a break during one of our events. Some might like to contribute by litter picking, attending one of our clean-up events, or by taking part in our woodland management group, whereas others might like to do some research to contribute to our grant applications.
There are many ways to contribute!


What do you get for being a Member? 


You will receive a quarterly

e-newsletter keeping you up to date with developments and events being planned, as well as key times of the year to enjoy around the reservoir.


You will have priority when it comes to volunteer positions (including Committee positions), and any new learning and training opportunities. 


You will have voting rights at the Annual General Meeting and will have priority for committee positions when they arise if you were interested. 

More broadly speaking, you will have a greater sense of involvement and satisfaction, so get involved and start your journey towards Membership. 

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