Relationship building with the Parks Team.

Building productive relationships is important for our quest for improvements around the reservoir. Here we highlight our works with the Parks Team, how they have supported us, and just how key they are to improving the reservoir as a public space. 

Right at the start of forming our group, the Parks Team met with us and encouraged our group to take route, grow, plan, and be a voice for the site. As we've become more established they have supported us with staff, tools, their time, and efforts:

  • They supported two major clear up events of the woods. 

  • They lead on our conservation group which takes place each autumn and winter. 

  • They listen to, and act, upon requests such as:

    • Fixing the broken pipe in Bartley Meadows.

    • Preventing vehicular access onto the picnic area by installing logs along entrance points. 

    • Are currently fixing the bridge in Bromwich Wood and addressing the flooding there.

The Parks Team are also supporters of our Community Orchard, which without their agreement, could not go ahead. They have supported us by:

  • Agreeing to and supporting our Community Orchard Project. This includes:

    • Leading us on ​preparing the site to clear saplings, and pathways around the edge. 

    • Providing services to flail the brambles on the site. 

    • Shift resources to provide mowing on the site for the next 12-18 months. 

    • Support and lead St Michael's Primary, our partners in the Orchard Project, to lead engagement days at the site for pupils.

    • Help with advice and guidance, and tree planting when the time comes. 

Parks agreement is needed for any changes to the public space, whether that be taking something away, or adding something. 

  • They support our vision for a more connected public space, agreeing to and supporting our celebrating communities’ grants application for signposts and benches. These will be installed soon by Parks also.

And there is still more we are working on together, such as:

  • Updating the reservoir proposal that will set out the clear vision for the Bartley Reservoir area, which will mean working together on bigger projects for years to come.

  • Working to find a solution to clear tree branches, holly, and debris at the back of the woods.

  • And finally, working to find a solution that permits the 16- and 17-year-old Duke of Edinburgh Award students from King Edward's School to take part in our winter conservation group, benefiting students and the local community as per our constitutional objective.

All this represents a significant time investment for both the Rangers and Friends of Bartley Reservoir Committee and it's great to see the time and effort pay off for our group and the wider Bartley Green community. FYI the Parks service is just one of TWELVE Birmingham City Council departments we communicate and engage with, FOURTEEN if you include the two Bromsgrove Council departments we also engage with related to the reservoir area across the border.