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Meet the Volunteers:

Volunteer Stacey Richards introduces herself and shares her thoughts on volunteering below. As well as volunteering for litter picks, and conservation work, Stacey had a recent stink as vice chair. 

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Stacey and I’ve lived in Bartley Green for 15 years. I moved here as a first-time buyer from Bearwood, so I didn’t venture far! I hold a degree in biomedical science and a master’s in library and information management. I get to combine the two subjects by working as a clinical librarian for the NHS. 


What made you want to volunteer?

I was fed up seeing the mountains of fly tipping building up in Bromwich Woods and the surrounding estates, that it made me feel sad. I kept wishing something would be done to clean the place up but didn’t know how to go about myself. I was so happy when the Friends of Bartley Reservoir leaflet came through my door. Finally, likeminded people that cared enough to do something about the rubbish.


What do you get out of volunteering, out of giving your time in this way?

I feel a great sense of satisfaction, having the opportunity to act and make a difference. The litter picks and maintenance groups are also good exercise and a chance to meet people from the local area. It’s a really relaxed atmosphere, we have a natter, a walk and pick up some litter along the way.


What would you say to anyone thinking of volunteering?

Do it, you will feel great afterwards. Even if you can’t commit to the full time slot, any time people can give is appreciated and it all helps. If people don’t fancy the physical roles, then there are lots of other tasks that can be done to best suit people’s skills. 

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