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Bromwich Wood Local Nature Reserve

Bromwich Wood (aka Bluebell Wood) was once a well kept, well managed public space that many locals have fond memories of either playing there freely as children or bringing their own children to visit to play and explore. Sadly, in recent decades the woodland management fell by the wayside with budget and staffing cuts, and people have felt less safe entering these green spaces. This has led to fly-tipping, and the woods being used for sexual activity, and occasional drug use; further deterring residents from exploring and enjoying their woodland heritage. 

Reclaim the Wood!

Our project aims to bring Bartley Green residents and organisations together to reclaim Bromwich Wood from neglect and anti-social behaviour, and make it a place where everyone feels safe exploring and enjoying; where parents can bring their children, and children themselves can enjoy once more. Our reclaim the wood project is taking place in 3 phases across 5 years. 

Phase 1

Understand land responsibilities and boundaries with each council department and establish working relationships with key people. Clear woodland of all historic fly-tipping and rubbish. Have bins x 3 installed outside the woods along Scotland Lane.


Phase 2

Establish the maintenance of the woodland. Do this by creating an annual Woodland Management and Conservation Group led by the Park's Rangers. Work with Kier and Waste Management Team to establish annual maintenance routines at the front and back of the woods. 


Phase 3


PART 1: Apply for grants for improvements in fencing, entranceways, information boards, nature and play trails. 

PART 2: Create activity days and events in the woods for families and locals to be supported to enjoy and explore, so they feel more confident returning by themselves. 

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