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Meet the Volunteers:

Volunteer Lorraine West introduces herself and shares her thoughts on volunteering below. As well as volunteering for litter picks, Lorraine leads FOBR's monthly walk around the reservoir (top left picture), which will again take place the first Sunday of the month, from May-September 2023, 10am. 

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m 40 fabulous (that’s as close as you’ll get), and an Engineer in the civil aerospace industry. I love my job, but my 2nd passion is life coaching and supporting people to be at their best. I started at Longbridge, my husband is from Bartley Green so when we got together, Bartley Green was the place we settled.


What made you want to volunteer?

I’ve had to work hard at my mental fitness over the last few years, after feeling anxious and having panic attacks. Part of that fitness plan was walking and being in nature. I realised in lockdown that I had no clue how to walk around the reservoir and what beautiful nature we have around us. I don’t come from a background of hiking and can’t read a map, and wanted to be involved in helping make this fabulous natural resource more known about for the benefit of others who felt like me.

What would you say to anyone thinking of volunteering?

I would say go for it, I’ve met some lovely people through walking round the reservoir. I feel more connected to my local area now, I appreciate the green spaces on my doorstep rather than getting in the car to go places.

What would you like to see FOBR do differently/more of/do that they aren't doing already?

As I don’t come from a hiking background I would love to see more visible signs and routes to follow for the many public footpaths in and around the reservoir. Or for walk leaders to be able to show people, for example, how to use the reservoir as a start point to get to Iley or other places. Hikers make hiking difficult, and I’d like FOBR help make it more simple for people to know off route paths using better signs and new technology.


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