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Reservoir Design Proposal 

Friends of Bartley Reservoir have a vision of the reservoir's surrounding spaces as one cohesive, joined-up, publicly accessible space for all to enjoy. It is important to us that it is utilised by all, valued by all, cared for by all, and easily connects people to their environment and heritage. We now need to create design proposals so that you can see what that vision looks like on paper. 

Updating the 2009 proposal. 

There is an old design proposal from 2009 created by the Council's Landscape Practice Group which set out a vision for the reservoir's surrounding green spaces. Unfortunately, it was not very realistic, and this combined with the banking crisis of 2008 and the subsequent public spending cuts has meant it has not been able to be acted upon. We now wish to update the old proposals; increasing the areas of interest surrounding the reservoir, and creating a fully costed, more realistic plan that can be implemented. 

Phase 1

Fundraise half of the £4,500 required.

Apply for match grants for the other half. 

Phase 2

The council's Landscape Practice Group to undertake and complete the updated design proposal. Continue to fundraise for more specific design proposal for the Picnic Area upgrade and Kitwell Playing Field upgrade.

Phase 3

The council's Landscape Practice Group to undertake the more specific design proposals for the Picnic Area and Playing Field. Friends of Bartley Reservoir to work to implement the  proposals each year over the next 10-15 years.

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