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Volunteer & Training Focus

Welcome to our Volunteering and training opportunities section. Opportunities given to members first, that are in addition to the usual litter picks, pathway clearing, and woodland management groups, before being offered more widely

If you are able to help or would like further information on any of the opportunities available, let Kevin know directly or email FOBR at

Public Rights of Way (PROW):

We are keen to protect traditional public rights of way that are at risk of being obstructed and thus falling into disuse and lost to walkers. This means we have to provide evidence that these PROW, as indicated on maps, have been in use over the years. To do this, we have simply been asking walkers around the reservoir if they have ever used these paths. Quite a few people have come forward so far and shared details of when and how they have used these paths and for how long. The information has to be collected and the evidence transferred onto an A4 evidence form.  Can you help us here? You can go at your own pace, you must have access to email and know how to attach documents, and you may need to talk to someone over the phone to collect the information more directly.  On occasion you may need to take forms to people for signature and collect them (or at least know someone who is willing to on your behalf)! 


We have the opportunity to apply for some funding, through the Neighbourhood Network Scheme, for equipment and training to maintain the pathways around the reservoir on private land. Interested people need to br 50+. The training, which will include First Aid (although we sincerely hope you won’t need it!) will be 1.5 days, and we expect in addition a commitment of 8-12 hours per year for those putting themselves forward, as well as a commitment to following health and safety guidance. We need 2-3 people. So, do you enjoy being active and outdoors? Want to learn something new? Aged 50+ or soon to be? Once we have the people, we will make the application for funding.  First come first serve basis.

Commonwealth Games - Talking Benches and Guided Walk: 

The Talking Benches project is an event that we will hold to celebrate the Commonwealth Games. There will be a person from FOBR seated at each bench who will be ready to talk about different aspects of the games and the Commonwealth, so people walking from one bench to the next will be entertained and informed. The information will be pre-prepared and set out so that it is easy to read and adaptable according to the person's level of interest and age. This will be over 2hrs in the morning and 2 hrs in the afternoon over 1 day. Can you help for one or both sessions? 

The Guided Walk event will be a walk led by a guide following the signposts that will be put in place using the funding we have been awarded. The tour will start at the Sailing club and finish at St Leonard’s Church where coffee/tea and cake will be served. On the way, different aspects of the Commonwealth Games will be talked about together with some history of the land around the reservoir. There will be a morning and afternoon session each lasting about 1.5-2hrs including the time spent drinking tea/coffee and eating cake.  Can you help support this event? It would be great if there was an experienced or enthusiastic confident person who loves doing this type of guided tour, but if not, a person or two to support the main guide would be great. People are also needed to help out in the church hall kitchen giving out coffee/tea and cake

Dates will be confirmed shortly and will either be in late August or early September.

Litter Pick Lead:

Currently Kevin and Stacey try to alternate leading the monthly 1hr litter picks but occasionally there is a date we cannot cover, with the August 13th litter pick being one of them. We are looking for someone who wouldn't mind leading the group on the day for the 1hr, and occasionally stepping in to do so in the future should you be available. Any enquiries are welcome; enquiry does not mean you are committing yourself! The same goes for all the above too - ask away! 

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