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Volunteer & Training Focus

Welcome to our Volunteering and training opportunities section. 

If you are able to help or would like further information on any of the opportunities available, let Kevin know directly or email FOBR at

Craft Stalls:

Thanks to committee members Eleanor and Portland we have had our first craft stall and have two more booked in so far. Travelling to/from events, setting up, manning, and clearing-up is a two person job particularly if there is a gazebo involved! We need a volunteer or two to be involved so that it doesn't all fall to Eleanor and Portland who spend many tens of hours creating the crafts also! Even if you can only support by providing transport and help setting up etc it would be a huge help! 


if you're interested in wildlife, biodiversity, and conservation, and want to learn more and help collect and record data from around the reservoir, then please get in touch. I'm sure Kate will be very grateful for the help and support! Similarly, if you'd like to get involved with the running of the Eco-Blitz event on August 12th, then please contact us also. 

Litter Pick Lead:

Litter picks are currently quarterly, with the next one being on July 22nd. We are looking for a back up for someone to lead a litter pick in the event of one of the committee not being able to. Contact us to discus or raise your interest with Kevin at the next litter pick. 


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